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Eleuthero root (Eleutherococcus senticosis)*

An excellent adaptogen, this herb normalizes blood pressure and immune activity, reduces fatigue, stress, and depression and lessens atherosclerosis. Eleuthero is a well-researched herb for balancing endocrine activity, promoting strength and energy, and enhancing work or athletic performance. It acts on the adrenal glands to normalize stress hormone (cortisol) levels thereby smoothing out the peaks and valleys of energy that characterize chronic stress

Schisandra berry/Wu Wei Zi
(Schisandra chinensis)*

Translated as Five Flavor Fruit, this herb is a powerful adaptogen strengthening hypothalamic/adrenal function and normalizing nervous system and immune activity. Schisandra also acts as a mild, non habit forming stimulant and an anti-hepatotoxin. It enhances work and athletic performance and stimulates metabolism. It astringes the jing—the vital essence—and is rich in anti-inflammatory flavonoids.

Oat fresh milky seed
(Avena sativa)*

Strengthens and nourishes the nervous system. It is indicated for nervous exhaustion (burning the candle at both ends), sexual neurasthenia, and occipital pain extending toward the spine. Oat reduces withdrawal effects from nicotine and caffeine. Used for neurasthenia (nervous exhaustion), anxiety, impaired sleep patterns and weak libido, milky Oat is appropriate for chronic stress. They contain calcium and magnesium which are essential nutrients for the nervous tissue.

Holy Basil herb
(Ocimum tenuiflorum)*

Has long been used in Ayurvedic medicine for the mind and nervous system. It lifts the spirits while increasing clarity of thought and dispelling depression. Traditionally it is used for cloudy thinking caused by drug use. It is also antiviral, a carminative, an adaptogen, and a galactogogue.

Devil's Club root bark
(Oplopanax horridus)*

Is indicated in cases of poor sugar metabolism to increase pancreatic beta cells' ability to produce & utilize insulin. It is used to treat diabetes (under medical supervision) and insulin resistance. As an adaptogen Devil's Club strengthens adrenal/pancreatic/hypothalamus function. It is also a laxative and an anti-inflammatory agent for use in arthritis.

Sarsaparilla rhizome
(Smilax regelii)*

Is a mild adaptogen. It contains plant sterols which are anti-inflammatory. Used for psoriasis, fibromyalgia, arthritis, gout, bursitis and colitis. Sarsaparilla also is beneficial in treating auto-immune conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and inflammation of connective tissue like scleroderma and ankylosing spondylitis.


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