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Dandelion fresh root (Taraxacum officinalis)*

An excellent bitter tonic that stimulates hydrochloric acid, bile, liver, pancreatic and small intestine enzymes.  It is indicated for chronic constipation due to poor digestionóclay colored stools, poor fat metabolism and sluggish liver function. A rich source of inulin and a fructoligerosaccharide (FOS), Dandelion root stimulates the growth of healthy bowel flora.

Artichoke fresh and dried leaf (Cynara scolymus)*

A strong bitter that stimulates digestion, absorption and elimination.  It stimulates hydrochloric acid, bile, liver, pancreatic and small intestine enzymes and has anti-hepatotoxin activity.  Artichoke is indicated for sluggish liver, poor fat metabolism, biliousness and hypoglycemia

Angelica root (Angelica archangelica)*

A time-tested warming bitter useful for deficient hydrochloric acid, gas, nausea and colic.  It also acts as a stimulating diaphoretic, anti-spasmodic and expectorant effective for colds, flu, bronchial catarrh, intestinal viruses, menstrual cramps, rheumatic pain and cold extremities.

Gentian root Gentiana lutea)*

A profound digestive bitter excellent for stimulating digestion, absorption and elimination.  It is indicated for atony of the stomach, large and small intestines, dysbiosis and intense cravings for sweets especially with fatigue (hypoglycemia).

Peppermint fresh herb (Mentha piperita)*

A time-tested carminative used for millenia for nausea, gas, stomach and intestinal colic and as a pleasant flavoring agent.

Orange Peel (Citrus spp.)*

A superb digestive stimulant and carminative little used in the U.S. It stimulates hydrochloric acid production, making it an effective remedy for hypochlorhydria. Orange peel also reduces gas, nausea and borborygamus.


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