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Protocol Restorative Cleansing Protocol

Why Cleanse?


The human body is an inherent self cleaning organism. Without our elaborate and multi-organ system of detoxification, we would be unable to survive more than a few days. In the world of “natural health” there is a deeply held belief in the idea of “the body being filled with toxins”. Fortunately the widely held, but erroneous ideas that our intestines are lined with primordial sludge or that we have “bad and dirty blood” are false. Modern medicine and research have clearly shown these concepts are faulty, yet it is also clear that sometimes we do need help improving our eliminatory functions. In traditional herbal practice the concept of alterative medicines is an old idea. Alteratives are herbs which gently enhance the body’s normal eliminatory processes. Unlike harsh laxatives, irritating diuretics and strong cholagogues, many alterative herbs promote normal healthy elimination via the bowel, liver, lymph, skin, kidneys and lungs. An alterative regime which includes herbs that work via multiple eliminatory pathways is a healthy and safe way of supporting excretion of metabolic wastes, and also improves digestion, absorption of nutrients, circulation, cellular regeneration, immune function and maintaining a healthy weight.

When to Cleanse? Traditional cultures tended to cleanse after the long winter season. Spring tonics restored their bodily functions. Their winter diet was filled with dried plant material or meats. Bad weather limited their activity and their metabolism tended to slow down; crowded conditions could often create an environment where sickness could more easily develop. Our heavily processed Western diet and “couch potato” lifestyle all too often mimics the unhealthy winter conditions of the past, year round. In addition, our over reliance on pharmaceutical medications and daily exposure to environmental toxins can overload our ability to eliminate waste. We should normally have 1-3 bowel movements a day. Transit time for food should be around 12 - 24 hours. Unsure of your transit time? Try the beet test. Eat red beets and watch your bowel movements to see when the “red” color starts to appear and when it stops. If transit time is longer than normal, herbs and dietary changes can help restore normal bowel function. Periodic “spring cleaning” (it can be done any time of the year) with mild alterative formulas helps to promote improved health and well being especially when combined with good lifestyle choices such as eating a healthy diet, adequate exercise and sleep.
Suggested Use

Week 1 - Deep Cleanse & Detox

Week 2 - Restorative Cleanse & Detox

Structure Function Claim*

Balances Healthy Bowel Function*

Compound Supports Lymphatic Function*

Promotes Healthy Skin* 

Supports Healthy Liver Function*

Contraindications Pregnancy, lactation.
*This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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