Traditional Information | Simple Herbal Extracts

Agrimony (flowering tops)

Kava (root)

Alfalfa (aerial parts)

Kelp (seaweed)

American Ginseng (root)

Kudzu (root)

Andrographis (aerial parts)

Lady's Mantle (aerial parts)

Angelica (root)

Lavender (flowers)

Artichoke (leaf)

Lemon Balm (aerial parts)

Ashwagandha (root)

Lesser Periwinkle (aerial parts)

Astragalus (root)

Licorice (root)

Bacopa (herb)

Ligustrum berry (berry)

Bai-Zhu Atractylodes (root)

Linden (flowers)

Barberry (root)

Lobelia (fresh & dried aerial parts)

Bayberry (root bark)

Lomatium (root)

Bergamot (flowering tops)

Lycium Fruit (fruit)

Beth Root (rhizome)

Maitake (fungus)

Black Cohosh (root)

Marshmallow (root)

Black Haw (bark)

Meadowsweet (aerial parts)

Black Horehound (aerial parts)

Milk Thistle (seed)

Black Walnut (seed hull)

Mistletoe (herb)

Blackberry (root)

Motherwort (aerial parts)

Bladderwrack (seaweed)

Muira Puama (root)

Blessed Thistle (aerial parts)

Mullein (leaf)

Blue Cohosh (root)

Mullein Root (root)

Blue Vervain (flowering tops)

Myrrh (gum resin)

Blueberry (leaf)

Night Blooming Cereus (stem)

Boneset (flowering tops)

Oat (milky seed)

Buchu (leaf)

Ocotillo (stem bark)

Bugleweed (flowering tops)

Olive (leaf)

Bupleurum (root)

Orange Peel (peel)

Burdock Root (root)

Oregon Grape Root (root)

Burdock Seed (seed)

Osha (root)

Butternut (bark)

Partridge Berry (aerial parts)

Calendula (flowers)

Passionflower (aerial parts)

California Poppy (whole plant)

Pau d'Arco (inner bark)

Cardamom Seed (seed)

Pellitory of the Wall (aerial parts)

Cascara Sagrada (bark)

Peppermint (flowering tops)

Catnip (flowering tops)

Picrorhiza (rhizome)

Cat's Claw (wood)

Pipsissewa (leaf)

Cayenne (fruit)

Plantain (leaf)

Celandine (whole plant)

Pleurisy Root (root)

Celery Seed (seed)

Prickly Ash (bark)

Chaga (fungus)

Prince Seng (root)

Chamomile (flowers)

Propolis (resin)

Chaste Tree (fruit)

Quassia (wood)

Chickweed (aerial parts)

Raspberry (leaf)

Chinese Asparagus (root)

Red Alder Bark (bark)

Chinese Peony (root)

Red Clover (flowers)

Chinese Salvia(root)

Red Ginseng (root)

Chrysanthemum (flower)

Red Root (root)

Cilantro (aerial parts)

Rehmannia (processed root)

Cinnamon (bark)

Reishi (fungus)

Cleavers (aerial parts)

Rhodiola (root)

Clove (bud)

Roman Chamomile (flowers)


Rosemary (aerial parts)

Collinsonia(whole plant)

Sage (aerial parts)

Cordyceps (mycelium)

Sarsaparilla (rhizome)

Corn Silk (silk)

Saw Palmetto (berry)

Corydalis Yanhusuo (rhizome)

Schisandra (berry)

Cramp Bark (bark)

Self Heal (flowering tops)

Culver's Root (root)

Shepherd's Purse (whole plant)

Cyperus Root (root)

Shiitake (fungus)

Damiana (aerial parts)

Sichuan Teasel (root)

Dandelion Leaf (leaf)

Skullcap (aerial parts)

Dandelion Root (root)

Solomon's Seal (rhizome)

Devil's Claw (tuber)

Spikenard (root)

Devil's Club (root bark)

Spilanthes (aerial parts)

Dong Quai (root)

St. John's Wort (flowering tops)

Echinacea Purpurea (root & flower)

Stillingia (root)

Eclipta (aerial parts)

Stinging Nettle Leaf (leaf)

Elderberry (fruit)

Stinging Nettle Root (root)

Elderflower (flower)

Stinging Nettle Seed (seed)

Elecampane (root)

Sweet Annie (aerial parts)

Eleuthero (root)

Thuja (leaf)

Eyebright (flowering tops)

Thyme (aerial parts)

False Unicorn (root)

Tienchi Ginseng (root)

Fennel (seed)

Turmeric (rhizome)

Fenugreek (seed)

Usnea (lichen)

Feverfew (flowering tops)

Uva-Ursi (leaf)

Figwort (aerial parts)

Valerian (root)

Fringe Tree (root bark)

Violet (leaf)

Gentian (root)

Watercress (aerial parts)

Ginger (rhizome)

White Ash Bark (bark)

Ginkgo (leaf)

White Pond Lily (rhizome)

Goldenseal (root)

White Sage (leaf)

Gotu Kola (aerial parts)

Wild Cherry (bark)

Ground Ivy (aerial parts)

Wild Lettuce (tops)

Guaiacum (bark,resin)

Wild Yam (root)

Guggul (gum resin)

Willow (bark)

Gymnema sylvestre (aerial parts)

Witch Hazel (leaf)

Hawthorn (fruit,leaf & flower)

Wood Betony (flowering tops)

He Shou Wu (root)

Wormwood (aerial parts)

Holy Basil (aerial parts)

Yarrow (tops)

Hops (strobiles)

Yellow Dock (root)

Horehound (flowering tops)

Yellow Root (root)

Horsetail (aerial parts)

Yellow Sweet Clover (flowering tops)

Huang Qin (root)

Yerba Santa (leaf)

Hydrangea (root)


Hyssop (flowering tops)


Indian Pipe (whole plant)


Irish Moss (seaweed)


Isatis (root)


Jamaica Dogwood (root bark)


Japanese Honeysuckle (flowers)


Juniper Berry (berry)


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